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Members of the Korean Ankle
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“We look forward to your interest and participation
in the 31st anniversary of the society.”

President's message

Dear fellow members of the Korean Foot & Ankle Society.

  I am Hyung-jin Chung, the 24th President of KFAS in 2024. It is a great honor to represent this society, which has made outstanding progress than any other society in 30-year over history. I feel the responsibility to continue its reputation. At a time when COVID-19 pandemic has gone and recovered, I will seek to your opinion and make great efforts to ensure that this year will be a year our society can take a leap forward both domestically and internationally.

  In particular, the 2024 IFFAS Meeting will be held in our country. It will be a large-scale forum with ideas and cultural exchange through distinguished scholars from all around the world. It has a special meaning since COVID-19 has made our gathering difficult in the recent years. Also, it is a great opportunity to show our academic achievement, and we will make a stride as a leader in the international society of Foot and Ankle. Thank you members, for your efforts and generous donations in preparing this event. As the Secretary General of the 2024 IFFAS meeting, I will try to hold the best conference. Considering the circumstances that the five continents hold every two years, it will take many decades for Korea to host the event again. We ask for your support and active participation in hosting the world conference.

  We will reorganize the operating system of our society, which has grown remarkably in the meantime. In addition, we will prepare so that members can get closer to the society and engage in conference activities conveniently by publishing newsletters and strengthening support for the conference.

  In addition to various academic events, we are preparing a symposium on ‘Diabetic Foot’ this year. This will not be a one-time academic event. We will continuously support the treatment of ‘Diabetic Foot’, hoping to create the cornerstone of academic development.

  Despite the difficult circumstances in the medical field, we will try to communicate with members of KFAS, providing help in both clinical field and research. We will appoint personnel with air of freshness as executives, and further develop regional branches so that this society can continue to grow in the future. We look forward to your encouragement and guidance from the respected former chairman, councilors, executives and members.

I wish your health and happiness. Thank you.

January 2024 Hyung Jin Chung,
President of the 24th Korean Foot & Ankle Society