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Dear members of the Korean Foot & Ankle Society ,
I am honoured and privileged to be appointed the new president of the Korean Foot & Ankle Society(KFAS) for 2018. Thank you to all the members who have granted me this responsibility. I will do my best to contribute to the development of KFAS.

In 2018, the major goals for our society include starting preparations for the 8th triennial congress of the International Federation of Foot & Ankle Societies (IFFAS) scheduled to take place in Korea, and revising the KFAS textbook that was last updated nearly 7 years ago.

My hope is that KFAS can become a society that encourages and facilitates collaborative research among its members. This will not only help gather clinical data for high quality research, but also enable epidemiologic studies on a national level, which is usually difficult for individual researchers. These epidemiologic studies could yield basic data of the Korean population and also provide an opportunity to promote KFAS to the public.

Although only 27 years old, KFAS is regarded as a worldwide opinion leader in the field of foot and ankle orthopedics, This was achieved by the unmatched academic passion shown by our seniors and colleagues. However, even though our society continues to improve, the tumultuous healthcare system in Korea is a major concern. In addition to academic research, we need to be attentive to the government-regulated medical fees as well as encroachment of non-specialists into the field of foot and ankle.

KFAS continues to be at the forefront in the specialty of foot and ankle disease, and is the leading authority in its academic and social responsibilities. Our society and all our colleagues will continue to march forward in 2018

I would appreciate any and all advice and participation from our members.

Thank you.

January the first, 2018
President of the Korean Foot & Ankle Society
Ho-seong Lee, MD. PhD.